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My Impressive Bangkok Trip!!

My Wonderful Time!!

27th - 29th June, 2008

The 3 pictures above was took on
Wednesday 26th the day before I went to
Bangkok 1 day.
I went to visit the Chai Mong Kol pagoda
in Nong Pok district, Roi-Et province.
Before I went to Bangkok 1 day.

I played the piano in Pee Meow's home.

I was arrived in Bangkok on
Thursday 27th 05.00 AM.
And So surprisingly!!
I didn't expect that I would get the several
fastastic opportunities during my alone trip like this.

Yes! I didn't expect that my elder sister,
Pee Meow would be free on weekend.
Because she is the pianist and there are
students waiting to learn the piano with her
on every weekend. But on Sunday 29th she was free.

Actually on the Friday night we went to have
dinner at Chan Hom restaurant. What a nice place!
And Saturday night I just couldn't believed that
I would be there in the thunder hall for enjoying
the Academy Fantasia live concert!!! Oh Gosh!!
Moreover, on Sunday 29th
Pee Meow woke up in the morning so freshingly!
And of course she took me to the golden city
there are Wat Po, Wat Prakaew, The grand palace
and the Ta Pra Chan road to be our destinations.
I was so excited so much fun and happy
very much in this trip.
I and my elder sister started to walk
since Wat Po to Ta Pra Chan. WOW!
It was amazing trip really!
Would you believe that we walked along the wall
of the grand palace in the circle way!!
Yes!! We walked around the grand palace
This gave me the different views of the city.
I was so impressed!!

The last 3 pictures took by the polaroid camera
I scanned the films to show in here too.
I think I am better good looking in the blur photo.

I was so very fun very happy
very impressed in this trip.
Thank you so very much to P'Meow
and to my lovely uncle & aunt.
They are my lovely relations in Bangkok.
Until next time.
S u t t i l a k

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

I love your art, I even got the thai pheonix tattooed on my arm!!! Excellent work!