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Melody Underneath The Golden Tree

Title : Melody Underneath The Golden Tree
Size : 35.5 x 48.5 inches
Technique : Acrylic & Plaster & Gold Leaf on Canvasboard
Style : Traditional Thai Design
Date of Creation : 2005
'Melody Underneath The Golden Tree' is the my thesis artwork number 4 after 'The voice of God' which is my thesis artwork number 3
For this artwork, I was study about using the texture to increase the picture's interesrting and I wanted to know that how it looked like if combined the texture with traditional Thai painting style.
I designed using the texture to be the golden tree, the cloud in the sky and the hilliness. I have used many of goldleafs for this picture especially with the golden tree, I wanted it to be the main attractive object for this picture.

The sketch above is one of my objects in the painting. About the method of my painting, at first I would sketch any objects to be the good structure follow the traditional Thai design. Then I would put the detail in any objects to make it finish and ready to paint.

Above : The god was playing a Krabpuang.

Below : The god was playing a Krajabi.

Below : The angel was playing a Saw Sam Sai.

The story in this painting is about the god's performance Thai music charmingly. My inspiration to create this painting came from my favorite activity I usually do when I'm in my free time. It is playing Thai classical music.
In this picture above you would see 4 musical instruments. They are Thai classical instuments which the name from your left to right is Krajabi (look like a guitar), Krabpuang (the smallest in the picture), Saw Sam Sai (Thai fiddle) and Tub or Ton (Thai drum). Krajabi and Saw Sam Sai are for making the melody. Krabpuang and Ton are the percussions.

The picture above are Saw Sam Sai and Krajabi.

This is my method to copy the sketch to the canvas.

For this article, I hope you enjoy and get some idea about the traditional Thai painting. Next article I will show you more about my artworks since I was a student in the faculty of fine and applied art, KKU.

Thank you for your attention.
Bye for now.


Ganesha : the Hindu god of success

This is my original artwork in 2006.
Title : Ganesha : the Hindu god of success
Size : 16.5 x 23 inches
Technique : Acrylic & Gold Carbon Powder on Gold Leaf Sheet
Style : Traditional Thai Design
Date of Creation : March 8th 2006
I created this artwork to be a present
for my teacher. Now it is at his working room
in Panalai Wittayaserm School, Phon Thong
district, Roi-Et province, THAILAND.