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"THE VOICE OF GOD" My Proud Work of Art

First, I hope it isn't too late to say

It was months that I did not make this beautiful blog up to date. LOL!! It because of my study and recently I have just graduated Master's Degree in Education and joined the graduation ceremony at Khon Kaen University, Thailand!!

Alright! ladies and gentlemen.
Please welcome my proud work of art

The beautiful painting in Thai style you've seen now is my original work of art. It was the result of my art research. It was the masterpiece work of art number 2 created in 2004 when I was a student year 4 of the faculty of fine and applied arts, Khon Kaen University. The dimension of this painting is 30 x 48 inches. It was created by Acrylic and 100% Gold Leaf on wood.

This painting really reflected my personal interest. First, I love Thai traditional painting style and the traditional Thai design. So, I decided to use the traditional Thai design such as the form of the angels and their traditional fashion, the form of trees, the form of Himmapan animals, etc. to be the style of the painting.

Second, I love playing Thai classical music. So I just wanted to creat a painting that reflected my music interest. I found it was the great way to generate happiness through while I painted what I love.

Third, Peacock is my favorite bird. Therefore I did not miss to put my favorite bird into this beautiful painting. LOL ... and of course, these peacocks should be idealistic form also.
These 2 birds on the tree I studied their form from the traditional design. What I try to communicate is that I try to copy the traditional design of the Himmapan bird called Hongsa. Finally I had 2 of them on the tree in this painting. :)

Although this painting seems old fashion because of its style (flat, using idealistic forms and no persective) but it is new by the background idea and the usage of medium and support. I only captured my impressive sense of the music. It is totally different from the idea or concept of the traditional Thai painting because the original concept of the traditional Thai painting used to be about the life of Buddha but the subject of this painting is only a music band.
Of course, I think that music is the voice of god. It is very beautiful language I have ever heard!! LOL

At first I loved listening to the music. Later I desired to play my favorite music by myself. Now I'm so proud to take a look at my proud work of art which is full of my interest there. LOL
Thank you for reading!