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Heaven in my imagination inspired by Sathukarn song

Hello! I didn't write any new article on this Suttilak blog for long time. It because of my study and Good news!! I just passed my oral exam on 8 September 2008 and I cleared some duties just a few weeks ago. Therefore I have got a little free time again. So, I want to update my blog with my art story as usual ;)

OK! here we go! These pictures below were actually took from many years ago. When I was a student year 4 of the faculty of fine and applied arts from Khon Kaen University I have heard the traditional Thai classical music named Sathukarn and I just fell that this song was very beautiful. After that, I tried to find out because I wanted to know the history of Sathukarn song and it was really amazing and wonderful origin indeed. I have known that the history of Sathukarn song came from the old Thai fairy tale about the entertainment on the heaven which was the style of idealistic Thai heaven. So, there were fews of my artwork paintings inspired by the history of Sathukarn song and you can see what heaven in my imagination looks like by taking a look at the pictures of my artwork paintings below.

This was my first sketch. I created the drawing to capture my feeling at the moment when I listened to the song again and again. I thought I saw the view just like the landscape but it was about heaven or paradise in the history so I would better call that heavenscape, right? Hahaha..

Anyhow, you would see how I put each objects in the painting. It looked like there were many things many objects in the painting. Well, actually there were not several objects at all. Most objects I often put into the painting were the clouds in Thai traditional painting style and decorated with Thai traditional gold leaf painting design.

I intended to create the picture of heaven in my imagination to be very alive elegant unique and just like that you were taking a look at a view of landscape or skyscrape. Therefore if you look at the paintings below you may see the big round moon at first sight. See?

After that you just wanted to see more by looking at other details around the painting. Oh I forgot to give you the information that these heaven series sketches were created by black pencils on 300 g. 100% cotton paper and the paintings were created by water color and gold leaf method on paper as well. The size of both paintings were about the size of A4 paper. I estimated.

Some people said they liked my black and white sketch more than the colored painting. Oho! It's ok. Hahaha.. At least I also appreciated they still liked my art. ^_^
So! What do you think of my art? You can also leave me a feedback by writing a comment to the article you would prefer to let me know how you feel, enjoy or not. Alright, I would better stop this article for now. It's time to dinner with my parents. Thank you very much for your interest. I will write more later. Have a good time! Bye Bye..