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Thai Mural Paintings on the walls of Wat Phra Keo

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Today I have a little free time so I think I should write something new on my blog. Therefore, here is the more information about Thai traditional mural paintings of the "Ramakien" on the walls of the galleries surrounding Wat Phra Keo.

The picture above shows that tourists were walking to see the mural paintings along the walls of the galleries surrounding Wat Phra Keo.

This is the picture of Hanuman, the great warrior of Phra Ram. He was the super monkey! He had the fantastic power. He protected his boss from any harms so bravely and excellently.

Here is the details of Thai traditional glod design. In the picture above you would see the background board behind the actor and actress which shows the very details of the painting. In the background board there are a Kinaree and her children surrounding with the traditional Thai design.

See! It has so many exquisite details in this painting.

The subject of this painting is about Thodsakan and Nang Sida were together at the beautiful palace.
The picture above is the wide view of the painting.
Thai Mural Paintings on Wat Phra Keo's Wall
( The following information is from the guide book named Thailand a traveller's companion, Second edition 2002: Archipelago Press)

The information of the Ramakien mural paintings found in the book above and they said that: The tale of Ramayana or Ramakien in Thai is told in 178 panels, each occupying the area between two pillars of the many that support the gallery; poems about the action, composed in the reign of King Rama V, are inscribed on marble slabs set into the relevant pillar.

Though originally painted by order of King Rama I when the temple was built, the murals have been restored many times, most recently for the 1982 Bangkok bicentennial celebrations.

These works are almost identical to the original 1930 compositions executed under the direction of Phra Thewapinimmit, and reflect the style of that era with Western perspective, the use of shadows, and naturalistic rendering of the landscape, and with characters drawn in a conventional Thai manner.

The picture above is my drawing sketch artwork. I found that It was very useful when I wanted to create a new picture in my imagination to the wide view like heavenscape instead of landscape, I will use Thai traditional design to decorate some space in the picture so that would make beauty charmingly.

This picture is another look of Thodsakan when he was angry and ready to fight. He would spread his arms up to ten!!

This is the wide view of the painting.

This picture was me and the beautiful pillar painting in Wat Phra Keo.

For this post, you may understand more about the beautiful mural paintings above. Next time what the story would be, don't miss. I'll be back. See you later. Good bye for now :)