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Light Up The Night!


Hello everyone! How are you doing? How's your new year countdown celebration? It was wonderful undoubtedly, I believe.

Well, I didn't write anything in this blog for long time. It because I was move from my hometown to Bangkok for a special study. At this period, I spend my life in Salaya sub-district, Nakhonpathom province, Thailand.

Today, I want to show you my painting which I would entitle it that "Light Up The Night!". In the picture, there are three kinds of thing: the moon, the big red butterfly and the lightening lotus.

This painting is done by hight quality coloured pencils on 300 g. cotton paper. I was wonder if I could paint any forms which would look light up like a fluorescent lamp in the dark night by coloured pencils so, this painting is created.

You can see the way I use the colours in this picture and may adapt this technique to your own painting. See you later. Bye bye for now!