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I Sold My Artworks on! WOW!!

Hello again!
Today I'm so proud to present
some of my artworks
which were sold on

But first
I want to thank you so much again
for all of my lovely customers around the world.
They are all kind and nice people indeed.

They gave me an opportunity to sell,
to communicate, to excite and to be proud of myself!
Those are my wonderful experience
as a seller on

You may understand.
I was so excited when my customers
had received their items already,
and I was just so very delighted again
when they were pleased with my art
and gave me a very nice and warm praise
in my feedback profile.
You can see what they said about me
by clicking the link below
to visit my eBay's feedback profile page.

It's my lucky to meet them, all lovely customers.
I just want to say that you make me alive!
You make me want to improve my art
to be the best as well as I can.

Well, I am a member of
since: Sep-03-07 in Thailand
Currently I don't sell my art for a while.
It because of my study.

Anyway, let's see the sold items of me!

All size of my artworks shown here for this article
(except the Kinnaree picutre)
is approximately 2.5 x 3.5 inches only.
It is the size of ACEO.
(Artist Cards, Editions and Originals.)

ACEOs are very popular and collectable.
You can find thousands of the unique styles
from many artists from around the world

The technic I often use for my ACEOs
is colored pencils and gold leaf method
on 300 g. cotton paper.

Here is my first collections sold on eBay.

"She wears Prada"
"Let's Party! Collection"

The composition of these red flamingo flowers are lovely.
So the name of this picture is "Shall we cance?"

"Viva!" is the hardest one. There are many details of the flowers and I wanted to learn how it could be if I drew flowers in the very small frame size. (Just 2.5 x 3.5 inches ONLY!)

"Peacock Series"

"Peacock series" and "Fire-Water" is the first collection that I introduced my gold leaf method to buyer and I was so fun to express my art in modern style.

Peacock is my favorite bird. I think peacock is the most beautiful bird and he should be the king of birds since he seems richer than other birds. Don't you see? Just look at his tail, decorated with such a precious jewel. Moreover, he always wears the crown on his head all the time. Hehehe...

"Fire - Water"

The high light of these piece of art is the using of Thai design and gold leaf method which were expressed in the modern composition.

"Lotus collection"
And Lotus is my favorite flower, so I just wanted to create some pieces of art which the subject is about lotus. Of course, I still was fun with the modern composition as well as the presentation of my unique style which is influenced by Thai traditional design before I returned to create more classic style.

"Himmapan Forest" Collection
The Finest, Hardest and Most Beautiful
that I have ever created in 2.5 x 3.5 inches size!!
^ Title : A little Phoenix
Size : 2.5 x 3.5 inches
^ Title : Thai Phoenix (The phoenix in Thai design)
Size : 2.5 x 3.5 inches

^ Title : Lion#1 (The wings lion in Thai design)
Size : 2.5 x 3.5 inches
^ Title : Lion#2 (The wings lion in Thai design)
Size : 2.5 x 3.5 inches
This picture is very beautiful and well done. It has been decorated with 24K gold leaf in the details of the lion body such as the wings, the head and tail.

^ Title : The flying horn fish
Size : 2.5 x 3.5 inches
This picture is very detailed work. I inspired by the artwork of master Chalermchai Kositpipat, one of the most famous artists in Thailand.
^ Title : Wings and horns big cat
Size : 2.5 x 3.5 inches
I was very satisfied with this artwork. I intended to show Thai design and I found that it was not easy to fit the the details of Thai design in this miniature frame correctly.
The Piece of Work!
"The Bird"

Title : The Bird (Kinnaree)
Size : 6 x 8 inches
I was so very proud of this piece of art.
It was so detailed work which I rarely to create.
It really reflected my skill of management all little objects in the fine composition just 6 x 8 inches only.

And all pictures shown in this article were sold already.
I was so impressed with every transactions on eBay.
Hopefully I will be free and back to be
an art seller again soon. ^_^

Thank you so much for your attention.

Until next time,



Shweta said...

Amazing artworks!Are similar designs which are on the walls of 'Wat Phra Keo' also used to make paintings?

Suttilak Soonghangwa said...

Thank you for your interest, shweta :)

As Thai traditional style Kinnaree ( Kinaree or Kinari)usually acts in the same design like that one on the walls of Wat Phra Keo painting. I would like to post the new article about Kinnaree next time soon. Hope you will visit my blog again. ^_^


Anonymous said...











Anonymous said...

Dear Khun Suttilak,

Upon doing a research for my Year 12 major work for Visual Arts, I have, fortunately, found your blog. It’s such a wonderful resource and I can’t thank you enough for creating it.

For my body of work, I intend to use the distinctive style of Thai art, heavily influenced by Thai mural paintings and such, with gold leaf painting as the main vehicle in doing so. However, I really would like your advice on many, many things like gold leaf painting, and creating Thai art. My resources are quite limited as I am currently not in Thailand and won’t be there until next December, and I have no patience whatsoever for the Youtube videos.

If it isn’t too much trouble please e-mail me at or add me on MSN. Thank you in advance for your help!

Jay said...

ชอบจังเลย สวยมากๆๆ จริงๆ นะ (^____^)