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Dancing Shiva - The Entertainment from Heaven

Hello! This was one of my art study.

I used colored powder, carbon powder and acrylic for this painting. Mainly I intended to study how to use goldleaf. Therefore I selected the subject about angels. Angels and their environment must be so luxury! And of course, goldleaf was difinitely enhance the luxuriance.

The subject of this painting is
"Dancing Shiva"

In "Dancing Shiva" you would see the group of 5 musicians, they were playing music sharmingly for Shiva.

I used the idealistic shape of castle. In traditional Thai painting you would see many castles in the same style.

I'm so glad everytime when I go to visit Bangkok and have a chance to visit "The Grand Palace - Dusit Maha Prasat"

"Dusit Maha Prasat" The Grand Palace

When I looked at the grand palace infront of me I just felt like I was on the heaven really! The shining of gold and jewel from the grand palace is so very stunning!! So very breathtaking!!

I don't know how I should explain well but when I was there I would just so appreciated and just want to cry! The Grand Palace is so very beautiful, can't you see?

This picture is showing the detail of the "Dancing Shiva" painting. I used the traditional Thai design to decorate by using the goldleaf method.

This is the look of traditional Thai design. There are many sources to be an inspiration of Thai design but the very popular using as a decorative object are creeping plant and fire.

I assume that Thai picture which is about fighting would be better if the artist used Thai design in fire style, like this picture for example.

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