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Let's talk about Thai classical music.

This is me and my Jakay (jà-kây),
a three-stringed musical.

The two pictures above took when I was a 4th year student of the faculty of fine and applied arts - Khon Kaen University.

Jakay is my favorite Thai pick instrument. If you want to play this instrument you have to bind its pick ( the pick looks like a pencil) with your index finger of your right hand and use your left hand to make melodies.

And this is my friend and a Saw Sam Sai,
(sor săam săai) a three-stringed fiddle.

If you take a look at each picture carefully you will see each instrument is decorated with a garland elegantly.

A garland is very popular using in Thai traditional ceremony. It's also popular to use to decorate Thai classical instrument. Not only makes beauty, a garland is so sweet smell too. In Thailand, most of garlands made of jasmines, white Champakas, roses and etc.

Next time I will show you some of my photographs that I took by myself. It's just like a nostalgia fashion from a magazine! Well, I and my friends had thought about being as a fashion model, and we wanted to take some photographs with our favorite Thai classical instruments, and wanted to make it just like a fashion show in the magazine.

So... the result is just WONDERFUL!!

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Ai Shiang said...

Thanks to this post that I know what are the names of the Thai traditional musical instruments.